Saturday, February 2, 2008

Should Independents be able to vote in a Primary?

This election primary of 2008 has been the year of the independents. Both John McCain and Barack Obama have both been thrust forward in their parties based mostly on the votes of Independents who are allowed to vote in open Primaries. Is this what we really want to happen?

Even if you like John McCain or Barack Obama do we really want outsiders to choose are Party nominees? If someone doesn’t have the integrity to stand up and side with a specific political party they should not have a part in picking that parties nominee. I think we need to review the process.

At least the Democrats have Super Delegates to keep things from getting out of control. But overall it seems wrong on every level to let these people vote in a primary. That would be like letting the Protestants help pick the next Pope. We would never think that letting a non-Catholic pick the next Pope or the non-religious people of a community pick the next Rabbi of the local synagogue.

So why do we let non-Republicans vote in a Republican Primary or a non-Democrats vote in a Democrat Primary. Why should people who have no ability to make a commitment, make the choice for those who do have solid convictions. In my opinion those without true convictions should be excluded until the general election.


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