Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Is Rudy playing for VP?

It is rumored that Rudy Giuliani will endorse John McCain for president. After a disappointing third place finish tonight in the Florida primary rumors are circulating that Rudy will step down this week and cast his lot with fellow moderate John McCain.

In his speak tonight Rudy was very complimentary to all the other candidates, especially John McCain and Mitt Romney. Could Rudy Giuliani be sucking up in order to be in position as a solid VP candidate? I think that is a strong possibility.

Consider a John McCain / Rudy Giuliani ticket. Two moderate Republicans who have the power to draw moderate and maybe even Democratic voters to their cause. Could a McCain/Giuliani ticket stomp Hillary or Obama? With the backing of conservative Republicans it could well put the Democrats on the ropes.

And what if Mitt Romney becomes the Republican nominee? Would Rudy Giuliani make a good running mate? Again I think he could. With Mitt Romney the solid conservative and Giuliani the solid moderate again they may be a palatable pair to draw independents and moderate Democrats.

No matter who wins the nomination for the Republican Party picking, Rudy as a running mate may be a great idea. But that’s just my Opinion

Monday, January 28, 2008

Will the real Liberal please stand up?

Recently John McCain accused Mitt Romney of being a Liberal. Can you imagine the Democrat in a Republican suit accusing someone of being a liberal? McCain accused Romney of being a liberal governor passing liberal legislation.

As a Republican in Massachusetts was Mitt Romney was governor let me say nothing could be farther from the truth? In a state were Democrats outnumber Republicans 15 to 1 it is difficult to get things done. Sometimes Mitt had to compromise things that he didn’t want to do.

In truth John McCain is the real liberal, he is the domestic enemy of the constitution aka Democrat. Any time the Democrats need a go to guy in the Republican Party the pick their good buddy John McCain. John McCain has always been more likely to side with the left than side with the right.

If you want to know who the real liberal is ask yourself who the establishment left wing media loves. Is it John McCain or Mitt Romney? They hate Mitt and love McCain. Why because Mitt Romney is a true conservative and McCain is not. So John McCain please stand up.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Barack Obama Kennedy

Has the Kennedy family given Hillary Clinton the political finger?

Caroline Kennedy has endorsed Sen. Barack Obama in a Sunday op-ed in the New York Times, the first time she has weighed in on a presidential race since her uncle, Sen. Edward Kennedy, sought the White House in 1980.

Caroline has stated that Obama reminds her of her father, the democratic icon President John F. Kennedy. Wow!!! What an endorsement.

And to add to the Clinton smack down rumor is that Monday Senate Kennedy, President Kennedy’s brother will follow suit. And throw his support behind Barack Obama.

Will the Kennedy endorsements hurt more than Hillary’s feelings? Lets hope so.

Rebate Me Please!!!!

The government has announced that we the people will get a tax rebate. Individual taxpayers would get up to $600 in rebates. Working couples would get $1,200. Those with children would get an additional $300 per child. That means I’ll get $1,800 rebate from the hard earned money they extracted from my family to blow on who knows what.

Although I’m excited for the found money, which the government found in my pocket, it would be great if they just stay out of my pockets in the first place. The whole purpose of this rebate is so people will spend their money and this will help the economy. People spending their hard earned money on things they want will create jobs, help the economy and even generate more revenue for the government.

Can’t these brain surgeons just realize if they leave us more of what we earn we will not get in these economic situations in the first place? Don’t get me wrong I believe it is necessary to have a strong national defense, I believe in agencies like the CIA, FBI, Federal Prisons, Federal Courts, National Parks and Interstate Highways. But beyond this the federal government needs to go away.

All other government programs should all be at the State, County or even better the town and city level were we the people get the biggest voice. Government was designed to be our servant not our source of livelihood. The government’s purpose is to provide a set of common laws by which a society in essence governs it’s self.

It was never designed to be the perpetual tit for the leaches and thief’s of society to suck dry. Social programs like helping the homeless, the elderly and the poor in a properly functioning society is the job of both the family and the religious institutions of that society. This is the way it has been for thousands of years prior to the 1920’s.

Back in the day it was our responsibility to take care of our own families. We didn’t shuffle off our grand parents off to the old folks home or let the government set up our 15 year old daughter, now an unwed mother in there own apartment with a monthly pay check for being dumb enough for not using a rubber. In stead for thousands of years we took personal responsibility and took care of the widows and orphans, we took care of the handicapped and the illegitimate children that were part of our own families.

Back in the day we cared enough to actually care about these people to care for them ourselves. Now we just want to pay someone else to take them off our hands and act like we are compassionate by creating expensive social programs. We have opened Pandora’s box by giving these issues over to the government who if unchecked will tax us into oblivion to continue to grow these programs. God have mercy and pass the rebate.


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