Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Ross Perot of the Republican Primary

Is Mike Huckabee destined to become the Ross Perot of the Republican Primary? It sure is looking that way. When Perot ran as an Independent against Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton he split the conservative vote with the President Bush. This split of the conservative vote propelled Bill Clinton to the Presidency.

Had Ross Perot not run for President it is most likely that Bush Sr. would have had a second term and we would never have herd of Hillary Clinton. We would have been spared from seeing our first President ever to be impeached. We would have had a strong military and maybe even have been spared the horror of 9/11.

Ross Perot could have screwed up the last 16 years with out even trying. Unfortunately it looks like Mike Huckabee is poised to follow in his footsteps. Mike Huckabee has won nothing since Iowa and he is poised to win virtually nowhere except in his feeble imagination. Every vote that he steels away from conservative Mitt Romney is literally a vote for John McCain.

Huckabee’s reluctance to except reality could create a nominee that no true conservative Republican wants to see, a McCain / Lieberman or McCain / Giuliani ticket in the fall. So if true conservatives hate McCain and Huckabee is a true conservative why would he allow this tragedy to occur? Is Mike Huckabee in McCain’s pocket? Is Huckabee hoping for a McCain / Huckabee ticket? Or is he simply a naive prideful preacher with no sense of what’s best for the party.

Mike Huckabee could single handedly like Ross Perot put another Clinton in the White House this year. So when you get out and vote on Tuesday remember that a vote for Mike Huckabee is not only a vote John McCain it may also be a vote for Hillary Clinton.


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