Tuesday, March 25, 2008

We don’t hate Black People

Why is it that some African American people like those who attend Barack Obama’s church think we are the enemy. To hear people like Reverend Wright white people are going out of their way to put black individuals down.

Let me just say to all African American people, White people don’t hate you, we are not conspiring to keep you from being a success in this country. There are no secret meetings going on to see how we can keep you down. 99% of white people in his country judge people by the way they act not the color of their skin.

No matter what your skin color, your race, gender, religion, we will judge you by the person you are not by any other means. If you are a decent upstanding person who obeys the law, works hard, pays taxes, loves your family and your country then we consider you as no different then ourselves. We do how ever have an attitude towards those who don’t fit that mold, no matter if you are White, Black, Asian, Latino or Martian.

If you want to go around acting like a criminal we will treat you like a criminal. If you want to go around acting like a idiot who can barely read and has a poor command of the English language then we will treat you like idiots, and you will not be given high paying jobs. If you want to be lazy and suck the government tit and drain the system dry then we will treat you like a leach. If you want to attend a college or acquire a job that you have not earned because the color of your skin, then we despise that because we have to earn our own way in life.

Yes slavery was wrong; it was a sin against your people and against God. We as a nation paid in blood to purify that situation. Many of my family members found for the Union Army and some lost their lives so that you can be free. But let me present a controversial question to you. If there was no slavery and no of your ancestors were brought here in chains, where would you be today. Most likely your fate would have been the same as those whose ancestors were not brought here in sin. You would most likely be living in mother Africa. You would be starving, dieing of Aids, or at best living in a third world country run by some crazy military dictator.

If we look at history going back thousands of years everyone most likely is the decent of slaves. It was common practice in the ancient world for one group of people to conquer another and turn their enemies into slaves. Yes even among the tribes in Africa. Your people were the last group of people to be set free from slavery and by the grace of God the last to ever be slaves.

If you want to be successful in this country realize that if you want more get better. Do what we do to succeed focus on being the best me I can be. If Mr. King was alive today I know in my heart that is what he would say. You see his dream is a reality in 2008. White people look at you for who you are. White people never even think about the White – Black issue unless a Black person brings it up. If Black people will put away the issue in a few years it will completely disappear and never be considered by anybody.
If America is such a horrible place for African Americans to live why are black people from Africa and other parts of the world waiting in line to immigrate here. Barack Obama’s family did. Senator Obama is not the descendant of slaves. His father migrated here from Kenya. The fact that he is half Black and half White is testament to an integrated America. Barack and his wife are well-paid, well-educated individuals; overall America has been good to the Obama family. So why are Barack and Michelle Obama filled with such hate? Why would they subscribe to so garbage?

Barack Obama is the first viable African American candidate for President of The United States of America. It is unfortunate that he will not get elected President. He will not fail because he is black, he will fail because we will not forget the hate, anger and venom of his 20-year spiritual adviser and close friend. We would never feel comfortable voting for anyone of any religion or race who subscribed to such philosophies. To do so would destroy the nation.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Is Barack Obama Full of Radical Shiite?

I am very disappointed to day to see the dreams of many dashed against the rocks of stupidity. Like many American voters I wanted to believe in Senator Barack Obama. As a Republican I could never agree with the Democrat agenda that he and Hillary Clinton stand for. But I was so happy to see a real honest to God serious black American candidate for President of the United States.

I remember candidates like Jessie Jackson whose platforms seemed to be vote for me so I can be the first Black President. Barack Obama seemed like a breath of fresh air. Here was an intelligent, articulate guy who seemed like any other guy you would be happy to call friend and never think twice about the color of his skin.

I love seeing successful black men who can be a shining example to the African American community. If Martin Luther King were still alive today he would be looking for quality men such as this to point to. To tell the youth of his community these are the men to emulate not the Rap Stars and criminals of society.

There were many little signs the pointed to something being off with Senator Obama early on. Like most Americans I choose to ignore them because I wanted Barack to be successful. There was his refusal to wear a flag lapel pin, not putting his hand over his heart during the pledge of allegiance. I could even ignore the ranting of his wife.

I wanted to give Barack Obama the benefit of the doubt. But after hearing the horrible hate filled dogma of the church he has attended for 20 years I can no longer look the other way. This pastor is the spiritual leader and mentor of the Obama family. This is who Barack has entrusted the hearts and minds of his children.

Barack can say what ever he wants to try to make this about how white people are making this race about prejudice, but the truth is that it is his own people who have embraced the race card. White people were happy to vote for the first real African American candidate that is why he was beating Hillary.

Barack Obama has in a way shown his true colors. He can say that he doesn’t believe his pastor but his actions prove different. Remember all those little things that we were willing to ignore like not putting his hand over his heart and showing respect for the flag. The speeches by his wife saying how here whole life she was ashamed of America. These are the attitudes of his American hating, white hating church.

His actions and those of his family and friends speak loader than any speech Barack could ever give. It is my honest opinion that Barack Obama is full of Radical Shiite. It is my honest opinion that Senator Obama is not qualified to be an American President; he is not even qualified to be an American Citizen. I only hope someday that a real high quality black man will run and become President of the United States, but Barack Obama is not the man.

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Monday, March 17, 2008

Court’s Internet Marketing School

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

The "I" Tag

Rojoy sent me this tag.

I AM… a Father and a Husband
I WANT…. To make my family and God happy.
I HAVE.. 2 adorable kids and a loving wife.
I WISH…. to have a lot of money.
I HATE… annoying and loud people.
I FEAR… to die young and leave my family alone.
I SEARCH… family history for my family tree.
I WONDER… why I am poor, when I have met so many dumb people with money.
I REGRET… that I wasted my inheritance on a failed real estate career.
I LOVE…. my wife, my kids, my family and friends and most of all my God..
I ALWAYS… Feel Tired.
I AM NOT… rich when it comes to wealth but I am rich at heart.
I DANCE… ballroom and anything as long as the music sounds great.
I SING… but not very good my mother was a runner up for the voice of Snow White and I am an American Idol horrid audition.
I CRY… while watching sad movies.
I WRITE… anything and post it to my blog.
I WON….. The best wife in the whole world, but I would love to add the lottery to that please..
I AM CONFUSED… How my wife got such a high page rank so fast.
I NEED… to do more with my blog
I SHOULD… buy a lottery ticket so I can win the lottery LOL.
THE LAST THOUGHT BEFORE GO TO SLEEP…. say my prayers and thank God for the day.

I am passing this tag to Rose, Jonah, Femikey, Maya, Roger, Rojoy, Married with Children, Ultimate Destinations, Casino Reviews, Catholic Guy, Health is Everything, I Love Computer Games, My Book Reviews, Finding Love, Affiliate Program Reviews, Blog for the Lord, Exiffer’s Courner, Homesick for Abroad, A Long Distance Love Affair, and A Fil-Am Journey.

Computer Issues

Sorry for no updates recently but I have been having a month of Mondays if you know what I mean. Because my wife Joy had the new of the two computers we switched off so I could play some of my new games I got at Christmas. After we switched off computers so I wouldn’t have to spend money upgrading mine.

Then I got the virus from hell that I fought with for days and lost the battle. I ended up formatting my hard drive and reinstalling all the software. A day or two latter Joy started having issues with my old computer. So since she is making money blogging and to this point I am not we switched computers again.

She was happy to have her computer back and I was back to square one. The stupid computer was not registering that it even had a hard drive. After so computer surgery and a few dozen choice words from me it finally registered the existence of the hard drive that once again was reformatted. Once again I have had to go and reinstall all the software all over again.

So if I haven’t responded to your shouts or posted anything new or visited your blog recently please forgive me and blame the “xxx xxxx” computer not me.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

First Lady Bill?

With Hilary’s poor performance in recent primaries will she through in the towel soon? Rumors have it that Senator Clinton may have to give up if she has a poor showing in the upcoming primaries this coming Tuesday.

It has been commented that Texas is for Mrs. Clinton what Florida was for America’s mayor Rudy Giuliani. There are many that believe that Hilary Clinton can no longer beat Barack Obama. With an impressive succession of wins Senator Obama seems invincible.

If Barack Hussein Obama can beat Mrs. Clinton hard on March 4th it maybe time for her to give up her bid for the white house. Though this might make many a liberal weep in bitter anxiety it would be a national holiday for conservatives nation wide. The bumper music for conservative talk show hosts that day would most likely be from the movie the Wizard of OZ, Ding Dong the Witch is Dead.

Although I doubt Hilary has the class to give up it is certainly possible. I honestly believe she will fight to the last minute of the convention to win the nomination. And though all the conservatives will be happy to see her crawl back under a slimy rock were she belongs I for one will be a little sad. Just think of all the Bill Clinton First Lady jokes we will miss out on.


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