Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Is Rudy playing for VP?

It is rumored that Rudy Giuliani will endorse John McCain for president. After a disappointing third place finish tonight in the Florida primary rumors are circulating that Rudy will step down this week and cast his lot with fellow moderate John McCain.

In his speak tonight Rudy was very complimentary to all the other candidates, especially John McCain and Mitt Romney. Could Rudy Giuliani be sucking up in order to be in position as a solid VP candidate? I think that is a strong possibility.

Consider a John McCain / Rudy Giuliani ticket. Two moderate Republicans who have the power to draw moderate and maybe even Democratic voters to their cause. Could a McCain/Giuliani ticket stomp Hillary or Obama? With the backing of conservative Republicans it could well put the Democrats on the ropes.

And what if Mitt Romney becomes the Republican nominee? Would Rudy Giuliani make a good running mate? Again I think he could. With Mitt Romney the solid conservative and Giuliani the solid moderate again they may be a palatable pair to draw independents and moderate Democrats.

No matter who wins the nomination for the Republican Party picking, Rudy as a running mate may be a great idea. But that’s just my Opinion


Bouncer said...

well I guess I am already very late for this post...

my comment will have no meaning now

Natural Skin Care said...

Well I'm way late with this, but he backed the wrong horse didn't he?

Crina Inchirieri said...

And i have the same problem, I late, maybe next time


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