Sunday, January 27, 2008

Barack Obama Kennedy

Has the Kennedy family given Hillary Clinton the political finger?

Caroline Kennedy has endorsed Sen. Barack Obama in a Sunday op-ed in the New York Times, the first time she has weighed in on a presidential race since her uncle, Sen. Edward Kennedy, sought the White House in 1980.

Caroline has stated that Obama reminds her of her father, the democratic icon President John F. Kennedy. Wow!!! What an endorsement.

And to add to the Clinton smack down rumor is that Monday Senate Kennedy, President Kennedy’s brother will follow suit. And throw his support behind Barack Obama.

Will the Kennedy endorsements hurt more than Hillary’s feelings? Lets hope so.


Bouncer said...

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Davis County Real Estate said...

I don't think in Politics we should go by feelings or personality. If Kennedy family and Caroline as an individual believes that Obama is the man then thats it. We all believe that Obama is the man and he may bring the change and with all the history involved that he may become the first African-American President of America.

Anda Romania said...

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