Saturday, March 15, 2008

Computer Issues

Sorry for no updates recently but I have been having a month of Mondays if you know what I mean. Because my wife Joy had the new of the two computers we switched off so I could play some of my new games I got at Christmas. After we switched off computers so I wouldn’t have to spend money upgrading mine.

Then I got the virus from hell that I fought with for days and lost the battle. I ended up formatting my hard drive and reinstalling all the software. A day or two latter Joy started having issues with my old computer. So since she is making money blogging and to this point I am not we switched computers again.

She was happy to have her computer back and I was back to square one. The stupid computer was not registering that it even had a hard drive. After so computer surgery and a few dozen choice words from me it finally registered the existence of the hard drive that once again was reformatted. Once again I have had to go and reinstall all the software all over again.

So if I haven’t responded to your shouts or posted anything new or visited your blog recently please forgive me and blame the “xxx xxxx” computer not me.


Work At Home said...

I face the same problem on my both computers recently too. I have flushed away $150 on guessing some part may be the problem. Plus, deleted some of the important files too. Luckily, some data recovery software able to retrieve all those files. I suggest you to have external hard drive to save all your important files and softwares. Just in case, you still can breathe if this happens again.

Louise | Brochure Printing said...

Aww.. sorry to hear about your terrible computer experience. Well, that's technology for you. Once it dies on you, you would want to die yourself too. Haha! Just kidding. :D


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